If you own a Nissan vehicle, you may have encountered a situation where you need to unlock the radio code.

This can happen if you replace the battery or disconnect the radio, and it requires you to enter a code to access the radio again. In this article, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to unlock the Nissan radio code for different models such as Micra, Qashqai, Note, Juke, Primera, and Navara.

How To unlock Nissan Radio Code
unlock Nissan Radio code

The Nissan Radio Code is a security feature that requires you to enter a unique code to access your radio after a power interruption, such as a dead battery or disconnected radio. To unlock your radio, you need to find the radio serial number and retrieve the radio code. Once you have the code, you enter it into your radio using the radio station preset buttons. If the code is correct, your Nissan radio will unlock, and you can use it again. This process is essential to prevent unauthorized access to your vehicle’s radio and ensure the security of your car.

Step 1: Find your radio serial number:

The first step in unlocking your Nissan radio code is to find the serial number of your radio.

Step 2: Retrieve your radio code

Download software to calculate your code

DOWNLOAD Windows or MacOS

Step 3: Enter your radio code

To do this, turn on your radio and wait for the “CODE” message to appear. Use the radio station preset buttons to enter the code, making sure to enter each digit correctly. Once you have entered the code, press the “ENTER” or “OK” button on your radio to submit the code.

In conclusion, unlocking your Nissan radio code is a relatively simple process that can be done with the help of your radio serial number and radio code. By following these steps, you can unlock your Nissan radio using your calculator and get back to enjoying your favorite tunes on the road. We hope this guide has been helpful for unlocking the radio code on your Nissan vehicle, whether it is a Micra, Qashqai, Note, Juke, Primera, or Navara.